Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saying GOODBYE to one of my oldest Friends.........

So first off I am sorry, I know it's been a long time since I have blogged. I have neglected this poor blog for so long, guess I am happy it's still here haha. Frankly I don't even have an excuse for not doing my blog. It's not like work or anything else was getting in my way. And anyone whose known me well they will tell you it's rare for me to be at a loss for words.

So here is a quick health update. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, (something that doesn't seem to shock those around me but took me by surprise, why am I always the last to know everything!) and put on a medication that surprise, surprise brought my brain back home! Super cool, it also has brought down my daily pain just a bit more and given me back a bit of energy to boot. Then there is the fact that my doctor has been very concerned with my extremely high pulse and blood pressure, so I have been on BP meds that I haven't responded to so they did a Kidney study and found out my right one is having a bit of an issue. Seems the artery that leads into the kidney is smaller than it should be, something I may have been born with so I get to add another specialist to my list in April. Yay me. Long explanation made short, the blood isn't getting into the kidney fast enough because of the small artery, so it could be/probably is the reason for my out of control Blood pressure. This can be fixed by surgery we'll figure that out after meeting the specialist. Other than that the Fibro is what it is and I continue to overdo it because well I am a dork. Can't seem to help myself!!!

Okay so now on to the big news, what this Blog is all about today. As of 2:30pm tomorrow I plan to obtain the goal of being a brand new non-smoker! Yes that is right you heard me I am getting rid of those nasty little cigarettes that some of ya'll have been yelling at me about for years. I started smoking when I was 15 years old. My smoking habit has been like my longest friend ever, well almost except for a few girls who recently found me on Facebook again! The ones who started smoking with me haha.

It's time, time to say goodbye to an unhealthy habit. 16 years is a long time to smoke, and to smoke almost a pack a day. Right now when the doctors listen to my lungs or do Xrays they are shocked that I am a smoker because the look and sound great still, I want to keep it that way. My children, sweet and adorable Colby and Brynna have started to pretend to smoke like Mommy. Yikes, definitely not something I want for them. The cost keeps rising and rising and rising. Plus it's freaking hard work to smoke. I can't smoke indoors anywhere anymore, gotta haul my butt outside, and then when I do get out there I get the snotties who glare at me for polluting their precious air. So I get all cranky and defensive wanting to defend my "rights" so there goes the relaxing calming effect I was looking for from that smoke in the first place. Plus with everything else that is out of MY control with my health this one thing I can control. I can say NO and make the healthier change, and make a little bit of a difference in my health. This won't get rid of the other things going haywire with me, it won't make me unbroken, or fix me I know that but even this small change can have greater impacts over the next 5-50 years.

I am going to accomplish this goal of becoming a Non-Smoker with the help of the Positive Changes Hypnosis Center.(http://www.positivechanges.com/) They have a really good success rate and I have even talked with people who have succeeded with their help. As I go through this I plan to blog about it each day and let you know how it goes, how it works, and let you know if I am successful.

They asked me to name 5 reasons I want to quit smoking and here they are:

1. This is in my Control it's my CHOICE to make for a healthier me.

2. My Children. For too many reasons to list!

3. The Cost, there are more important/fun things our family can do with the savings.

4. The inconvenient time and effort it takes to smoke.

5. For my Papa George.

I will admit I am not only apprehensive about my first hypnosis session tomorrow (I really am you would think they were going to stick me in a tank of spiders as nervous as I am!), but the thing that give me great hope is that I am excited to quit smoking. I went to the gas station today and bought my last pack of cigarettes, even announced to the clerk "this is my very last pack ever, I am quitting tomorrow." He asked me for how long and I replied with a great big smile, "Forever." He wished me good luck and said good for me. And the two people behind me in line actually gave me a little clap. I was beat red blushing a ripe red tommato! Then I heard the guy behind me who had just clapped ask for his cigarettes and then say "man I really need to quit too." Which made my smile get just that much bigger!

So I ask of you my friends, family, readers, and random person who happens to stumble across my ramblings to please keep me in your prayers that my heart and mind be wide open to the hypnosis so that I may succeed with this endeavor with God's help, your support and good vibes coming my way, and all the love I feel around me. (For those of you who don't pray or call your higher being God just to let you know that's awesome in my book. I am a come as you are, believe your beliefs, worship as you worship kind of girl. I do not judge by any means no matter what your beliefs on any topic are!!!)

Thank you all for taking the time to read my drivel and sorry for the hiatus. Please take this journey to becoming smoke free with me!



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