Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Next time make a better plan!!!!

So right now I am losing my mind. I know, I know you're all laughing and saying, "Mindy it was never there to begin with, so how could you lose it?" Well haha, ya'll need to come up with some new material.

Today was it, my big day to quit smoking. I was nervous when I woke up so I went and did some shopping for my trip to Vegas this weekend. Yes I am a shopaholic, we can work on that addiction at a later date, much later.....maybe never.....we shall see. Not making any promises, that I definitely can't keep. Okay...okay one thing at a time people. Now back to the Brand Spankin NEW NON-Smokin Mindy!!!!

I went to my appointment, stood outside smoking my last cigarette(s), yes it took 2. I was shaking like a leaf so I called my husband, one of my best friends, and emailed another very good friend with a few tears rolling down my cheek asking how the heck I could actually do this. I even posted the fact that I was scared to death as my Facebook poured in. I finally put out that final cigarette and put one foot in front of the other until I was checking in. Officially final cigarette was 3-10-10 at 2:13pm!

Turns out that today's session was mainly prep for tomorrow. Oh Crap.....shoulda waited till tomorrow, nope gonna stick to my plan. So after talking to my Hypnotist and doing some prep work I feel confident that she is going to help me meet my goals. I felt comfortable and at ease in her presence, and I look forward to the work we do tomorrow!

Now funny thing is that the cravings really are not there, I mean I do get that twinge every now and then but she is right they go away within 3 minutes. That really isn't the big deal. What is killing me is this little voice in me that keeps taunting me!

Come on you know you want a cigarette. Just one more. It will help with the headache your getting.....stuff like that. Then there is the times I catch myself just robotically flowing into my routine!! Pushing away my computer and starting to get up to head out on my back deck to have a smoke just taking a break from surfing the net. Pulling my jacket on, slipping a lighter in the pocket, making sure to slip on shoes before grabbing my cell to head upstairs to have dinner with my Hubby. Wait don't need my jacket, lighter or shoes because I don't have to go outside I don't smoke anymore. Heck I could run around naked if I wanted to (sorry my sweet husband we have kids, neighbors, and well yeah no) because I don't have to be ready to get up to walk outside to light up.

So as hard as I am finding tonight I still believe that this is going to work and that I am doing what is best for me. I can do this and I have a great support system behind me.

Thank you all for the support and well wishes you have sent my way.




  1. What a great piece of knowledge to have - the cravings will ease after 3 minutes! Just think of all the things you can do to distract yourself for 3 minutes to pass the worst part... that is just awesome - that makes everything seem manageable, well, to me it would. :)

    GOOD LUCK--use some of that strength you muster for other things you get passionate about and focus it on achieving your goal. You can do this--and you have a million reasons to succeed!
    Love ya - jen

  2. First of all that's my version of the serenity stole it from me and I want it back :-p OK seriously though I'm proud of you!!! That three minute thing you really must share it with Aaron. You've got a good head on your shoulders and you're stubborn as a mule IF you want to be. It sounds like this time you want to be. Now just do it honey :)