Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Project

So I have decided to tackle a new project. I know I am so successful at completing what I start. Yeah, Yeah. I have accepted my ADHD nature and well I am working on it, ok.

So anyway I couldn't sleep again last night. It's become quite the habit of late, and my body is  definitely feeling the effects. I got this hair-brained idea to start mapping out the Byrne's family tree starting with me and seeing just how big it grows.

I was already working on my own family tree, but this is different. I want to start with me and start heading backwards, following ALL the the DIRECT threads. By that I mean following the Byrne name wherever it takes me and down each "leg" of the family. Instead of just following back through my grandparents I want to explore my way through all of their brothers and sisters as well! That is a huge thing I know and could take years but will see what happens.

Part of what made this idea POP into my little brain was that I connect back to the Byrne name not just on my Paternal grandfather side but on my Paternal Grandmother side as well. Which explains a lot actually!!!! It's not wonder when honeymooning in Ireland people stopped me to ask for directions, I do look native. It becomes apparent that I am American when I open my mouth and that wonderful lilting Irish brogue is not there though. It also explains why I have such a deep connection to my Irish heritage, Ireland really is in my blood!


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